Czech and Slovak Literature in Translation

This page is intended to be a selection of works, not a comprehensive bibliography (nor an endorsement of any specific translation). New books and articles will be added gradually, but there will be no systematic effort to stay fully up to date. For other bibliographical sources see below.

Slovak items are marked [SL], mixed items [CZ/SL]


Six Slovak Poets, tr. John Minahane, ed. Igor Hochel (Todmorden: Arc Publications, 2010). [Bilingual, poets Ján Buzássy, Mila Haugová, Kamil Peteraj, Daniel Hevier, Peter Repka, Ivan Štrpka.]

Six Czech Poets, ed. Alexandra Büchler (Todmorden: Arc Publications, 2007). [Bilingual, contemporary poets Petr Borkovec, Viola Fischerová, Petr Halmay, Zbyněk Hejda, Pavel Kolmačka, Kateřina Rudčenková; tr. by Alexandra Büchler (most), James Naughton (Fischerová), Justin Quinn (Borkovec), and Bernard O'Donoghue with Šimon Daníček (Hejda, part)].

A World Apart and Other Stories: Czech Women Writers at the Fin de Siecle, tr. Kathleen Hayes (Prague: Karolinum Press / Progetto, 2001).

Ten Years After the Velvet Revolution: Voices from the Czech Republic [poetry of the nineties, bilingual], ed. Richard Katrovas in New Orleans Review, Vol 26, 1-2, Spring/Summer 2000.

Allskin and Other Tales by Contemporary Czech Women, ed. Alexandra Büchler (Seattle WA: Women in Translation, 1998). [15 authors.]

This Side of Reality: Modern Czech Writing, ed. Alexandra Büchler (London, 1996). [more recent fiction].

[CZ/SL] Description of a Struggle: the Picador Book of Contemporary East European Prose, ed. Michael March (London, 1994). [Recent Czech and Slovak fiction.]

Czech Plays, ed. and part tr. Barbara Day (London, 1994).

[SL] Not Waiting for Miracles: Seventeen Contemporary Slovak Poets, tr. James & Viera Sutherland-Smith (Štefánia Allen, Levoča, 1993).

[SL] An Anthology of Slovak Literature, ed. Andrew Cincura (Riverside, 1976).

Anthology of Czech Poetry, ed. Alfred French (Ann Arbor, 1973).

[CZ/SL] New Writing in Czechoslovakia, ed. George Theiner (Harmondsworth, 1969).

An Anthology of Modern Bohemian Poetry, tr. Paul Selver (London, 1912).

The Native Literature of Bohemia in the Fourteenth Century, tr. Albert Henry Wratislaw (London, 1878).

Cheskian Anthology, tr. John Bowring (London, 1832). [The first anthology.]

Individual Authors

(Fiction/novels unless otherwise indicated.)

Anonymous (14th century), A Sacred Farce from Medieval Bohemia: Mastičkář (= The Quacksalver), tr. Jarmila F. Veltruský (Ann Arbor, Michigan, 1985) [drama]

Čapek, Karel (1890-1938), Four Plays: R.U.R., The Insect Play, The Makropulos Case, The White Plague, tr. Peter Majer and Cathy Porter (London: Methuen, 1999). [drama]
- , R.U.R. [1920], tr. Paul Selver, London, 1923; also tr. Claudia Novack-Jones, in Toward the Radical Center: a Karel Čapek Reader (Highland Park, 1990). [drama]
- , with Josef Čapek (1887-1945), "And so ad infinitum" (The Life of the Insects) [later as The Insect Play] [1921], tr. Paul Selver (London, 1923). [drama]
- , Letters from England [1924], tr. Paul Selver (London, 1925); tr. Geoffrey Newsome (London: Claridge Press, 2001). [travel essays]
- , Tales from Two Pockets [1929] [selection], tr. Paul Selver (London, 1932); tr. Norma Comrada (North Haven, 1994).
- , Apocryphal Stories [1945], tr. Dora Round (London, 1949).
- , Hordubal, Meteor, An Ordinary Life [1933-34], tr. Marie and Robert Weatherall (London, 1934, 1935, 1936); [also Catbird Press, 1990].
- , War with the Newts [1936], tr. Marie and Robert Weatherall (London, 1937); tr. Ewald Osers (London, 1985).
- , Power and Glory [ = Bílá nemoc (The White Plague), 1937], tr. Paul Selver and Ralph Neale (London, 1938); The White Plague, tr. Michael Henry Heim in Cross Currents 7 (Ann Arbor, 1988) (online version). [drama]
- , Believe in People : The Essential Karel Čapek : Previously Untranslated Journalism and Letters, tr. Šárka Tobrmannová-Kühnová, with a preface by John Carey (London: Faber, 2010).

[SL] Cíger Hronský, Jozef (1896-1961), Jozef Mak [1933], tr. Andrew Cincura (Columbus, 1985).

Comenius (Komenský), Jan Amos (1592-1670), The Labyrinth of the World and the Paradise of the Heart [1631, 1663], tr. Count Francis Lützow (London, 1901); (London, 1905); tr. Matthew Spinka (Chicago, 1942); (Ann Arbor, 1972); tr. and introduced by Howard Louthan and Andrea Sterk (New York, Mahwah: Paulist Press, 1998).

[SL] Dobšinský, Pavol (1828-1885), Traditional Slovak Folktales, ed. and tr. David L. Cooper (Armonk, NY: M.E. Sharpe, 2001).

Durych, Jaroslav (1886-1962), The Descent of the Idol [= Bloudění (Wandering), 1929], tr. Lynton A. Hudson (London, 1935).
- , God's Rainbow, tr. David Short (Prague: Karolinum, 2016).

Fischerová, Daniela (b. 1948), Fingers Pointing Elsewhere, tr. Neil Bermel (North Haven, CT: Catbird Press, 2000). [stories]

Fischerová, Sylva (b. 1963), The Tremor of Racehorses [1985-90], tr. Jarmila and Ian Milner (Newcastle, 1990). [poetry].
- , The swing in the middle of chaos: selected poems, tr. Sylva Fischerová & Stuart Friebert (Tarset, Northumberland: Bloodaxe, 2009).

Fuks, Ladislav (1923-1994), Mr Theodore Mundstock [1963], tr. Iris Urwin (London, 1969).
- ,  The Cremator [1967], tr. Eva M. Kandler (London, 1984).

Hašek, Jaroslav (1883-1923), The Good Soldier Schweik [1921-23], tr. Paul Selver (London, 1930); The Good Soldier Švejk and His Fortunes in the World War, tr. Cecil Parrott (London, 1973).
- , The Red Commissar, tr. Cecil Parrott (London, 1981).
- , The Bachura Scandal, tr. Alan Menhennet (London, 1991).

Havel, Václav (1936-2011), The Memorandum [1965], tr. Vera Blackwell (London, 1967).
- , The Garden Party [1963], tr. Vera Blackwell (London, 1969). [drama].
- , The Increased Difficulty of Concentration [1968], tr. Vera Blackwell (London, 1972). [drama].
- , Conversation [= Audience, 1975], tr. George Theiner, in Index on Censorship, vol. 5, no. 3 (London, 1976). [drama].
- , Sorry... Two plays: Audience and Private View [1975], tr. Vera Blackwell (London, 1978).
- , The Vaněk Plays, ed. M. Goetz-Stankiewicz, Havel plays [1975-78] tr. Vera Blackwell (Jan Novak, Vancouver, 1987).
- , Largo Desolato [1985], "English version by Tom Stoppard" (London, 1987). [drama]
- , Temptation [1986], tr. George Theiner (London, 1988). [drama]
- , Václav Havel or Living in Truth: Twenty-two essays, ed. Jan Vladislav (London: Faber & Faber, 1986).
Redevelopment or Slum Clearance [1988], tr. James Saunders, Marie Winn (London, 1990). [drama]
- , Selected Plays 1963-83, tr. Vera Blackwell, George Theiner (Jan Novak, London, 1992).

Hodrová, Daniela (b. 1946), A Kingdom of Souls, tr. Véronique Firkusny and Elena Sokol (Jantar Publishing, 2015)
- , Prague. I see a city…, tr. David Short (Jantar Publishing, 2015).

Holan, Vladimír (1905-1980), Selected Poems, tr. Jarmila and Ian Milner (Harmondsworth, 1971).
- , A Night with Hamlet [1964], tr. Jarmila and Ian Milner (London, 1980); tr. Clayton Eshleman, Annette Smith, František Galan, in Conductors of the Pit, ed. Clayton Eshleman (New York, 1988). [poem]
- , Mirroring: Selected Poems, tr. C. G. Hanzlicek, Dana Hábová (Middletown, 1985).
- , Noc s Hamletem, A Night with Hamlet, tr. Jarmila and Ian Milner (Prague: Academia, 1999), ISBN 80-200-0734-2 [illustrations by Jaroslav Šerých; bilingual edition].

Holub, Miroslav (1923-1998), Selected Poems, tr. Ian Milner, George Theiner (Harmondsworth, 1967).
- , Although [1969], tr. Jarmila and Ian Milner (London, 1971). [poetry]
- , Notes of a Clay Pigeon, tr. Jarmila and Ian Milner (London, 1977). [poetry]
- , Sagittal Section [1989], tr. Stuart Friebert, Dana Hábová (Oberlin, 1980) [poetry]
- , Interferon [1986], tr. David Young, Dana Hábová (Oberlin, 1982). [poetry]
- , Poems Before and After, tr. Jarmila and Ian Milner, Ewald Osers, George Theiner, Friebert, Dana Hábová, David Young (Newcastle upon Tyne, 1990).
- , Vanishing Lung Syndrome [1990], tr. David Young and Dana Hábová (London, 1990).
- , The Dimension of the Present Moment and Other Essays, tr. David Young, Dana Hábová etc. (London, 1990). [essays]
- , The Jingle Bell Principle [1987], tr. James  Naughton (Newcastle, 1992). [essays]
- , Supposed to Fly [1994], tr. Ewald Osers (Newcastle, 1996). [poetry/essays]

Hostovský, Egon (1908-1973), The Hideout [1943], tr. Fern Long (New York, 1945).
- , Seven Times the Leading Man [1942], tr. Fern Long (New York, 1945).
- , The Midnight Patient [1958], tr. Philip H. Smith (New York, 1954; London, 1955).
- , The Arsonist [1935], tr. Christopher Morris, David Chirico, Howard Sidenberg (Prague, Twisted Spoon Press, 1996).

Hrabal, Bohumil (1914-1997), A Close Watch on the Trains [1965] [subsequently as Closely Observed/Watched Trains], tr. Edith Pargeter (London, 1968).
- , The Death of Mr Baltisberger [1963-4, 1966], tr. Michael Heim (Northwestern UP, 2010 or Abacus Books, 1990).
- , I Served the King of England [1980, MS 1971], tr. Paul Wilson (London, 1989).
- , Too Loud a Solitude [1980, MS 1976, tr. Michael Heim (London, 1991).
- , Cutting It Short [1976] and The Little Town Where Time Stood Still [1978, MS 1973], tr. James Naughton (London, 1993).
- , Dancing Lessons for the Advanced in Age [= Taneční hodiny pro starší a pokročilé (Dancing Lessons for the Older and More Advanced),1964], tr. Michael Heim (New York, 1995).
- , Total Fears: Letters to Dubenka [1989-91], tr. James Naughton (Prague: Twisted Spoon Press, 1998).
- , Pirouettes on a Postage Stamp: an interview-novel [Kličky na kapesníku: román-interview], with questions asked and answers recorded by Laszlo Szigeti, tr. David Short (Prague: Karolinum Press, 2008).
- , In-house Weddings, tr. Tony Liman (Evanston, Ill.: Northwestern University Press, 2007).
- , Vita nuova, tr. Tony Liman (Evanston, Ill.: Northwestern University Press, 2010).
- , Rambing on: An Apprentice's Guide to the Gift of the Gab, tr. David Short (Prague: Karolinum, 2016)

Jedlička, Josef (1927-1990), Midway Upon the Journey of Our Life [1966], tr. Alex Zucker (Prague: Karolinum, 2016).

Klíma, Ivan (b. 1931), My Merry Mornings [1979], tr. George Theiner (London, 1985).
- , My First Loves [1985], tr. Ewald Osers (London, 1986).
- , Judge on Trial [1986, 1991], tr. A. G. Brain [= Alice and Gerald Turner] (London, 1991).
- , My Golden Trades [1990], tr. Paul Wilson (London, 1992).
- , The Spirit of Prague and other essays [1974-93], tr. Paul Wilson (London, 1994).
- , Waiting for the Dark, Waiting for the Light [1994], tr. Paul Wilson (London, 1995).
- , The Ultimate Intimacy [1996], tr. A.G.Brain [= Alice and Gerald Turner] (London, 1997).
- , Lovers for a Day, tr. Gerald Turner (London, 1999).

Klíma, Ladislav (1878-1928), The Sufferings of Prince Sternenhoch, [Utrpení knížete Šternenhocha, 1928], tr. Carleton Bulkin (Prague: Twisted Spoon Press, 2001).

Kliment, Alexandr (1929-2017), Living Parallel [= Nuda v Čechách, 1979], tr. Robert Wechsler (North Haven, CT: Catbird Press, 2002).

Kohout, Pavel (b. 1928), The Widow Killer, tr. Neil Bermel (New York: St. Martin's Press, 1998, also Picador, 2000).

Komenský, see Comenius.

[SL] Kukučín, Martin (1860-1928), Seven Slovak Stories [c. 1885-88], tr. Norma Leigh Rudinsky (Cleveland, 1980).

Kundera, Milan (b. 1929), The Joke [1967], tr. David Hamblyn, Oliver Stallybrass (London, 1969 [with editorial alterations]); new tr. Michael Heim (New York, 1982); revised tr. Michael Heim, author (Aaron Asher, New York, 1992).
- , Laughable Loves [1963-68, 1970], tr. Suzanne Rappaport (New York, 1974).
- , Life Is Elsewhere [1979], tr. Peter Kussi (New York, 1974).
- , The Farewell Party [1970], tr. Peter Kussi (New York, 1976).
- , The Book of Laughter and Forgetting [1981], tr. Michael Heim (New York, 1980).
- , The Unbearable Lightness of Being [1985], tr. Michael Heim (New York, 1984).
- , Jacques and His Master [1981], tr. Simon Callow (from French) (New York, 1985).
- , Immortality [1990], tr. Peter Kussi (New York, 1992).

Lustig, Arnošt (1926-2011), Diamonds of the Night [1958], tr. Iris Urwin (Prague, 1962); tr. Jeanne Němcová (Washington, 1978).
- , Night and Hope [1957], tr. George Theiner (London, 1962).
- , Dita Sax [1962], tr. George Theiner (London, 1966); Dita Saxova, tr. Jeanne Němcová (New York, 1979; expanded, Evanston, 1993).

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Michal, Karel (1932-1984), Everyday Spooks [= Bubáci pro všední den, 1961-7], tr. David Short (Prague: Karolinum, 2008).

[SL] Mňačko, Ladislav (1919-1994), Death Is Called Engelchen [1959], tr. George Theiner (Prague, 1961).
- , The Taste of Power [1967], tr. Paul Stevenson (London, 1967).

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- , Valerie and Her Week of Wonders, tr. David Short (Prague: Twisted Spoon Press, Jeppe Press, 2005). [fiction]
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- , The Bass Saxophone [1967], tr. Káča Poláčková-Henley (Toronto, 1977).
- , The Republic of Whores [= Tankový prapor (The Tank Battalion), 1971], tr. Paul Wilson (London, 1994).
- , The Miracle Game [1972/1991], tr. Paul Wilson (Toronto, 1991)
- , The Swell Season [1975/1990], tr. Paul Wilson (London: Picador, 1989).
- , The Engineer of Human Souls [1977], tr. Paul Wilson (Toronto, 1984).

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- , Gargling with Tar [Kloktat dehet, 2005], tr. David Short (London: Portobello, 2010).
- , This Part of Town Is No Place For Old-Timers, tr. David Short). [short story]

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- , Mendelssohn is on the Roof [1959], tr. Marie Winn (London: Daunt Books, 2011).


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Some Literary Studies and Background Reading

(This is only a very partial and restricted list. Books of particular use for Oxford students are shown in bold.)

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Other Sites for Czech Literature in Translation

Small specialist publishers: Twisted Spoon Press | Jantar Publishing | Catbird Press

English-language bookshops in Prague: Globe Café and Bookstore, Pštrossova 6 | Shakespeare and Sons, Krymská 12

Cross Currents (A Yearbook of Central European Culture): complete, indexed, searchable.

Transcript 6 (Czech), and Transcript 22: Archive issues of the Transcript online literary review with useful Czech material.

Last updated: May 2018 (JP)