Czech Lexicon for Learners

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These are epub, mobi, pdf and text (.csv) versions of a small study dictionary of Czech for learners. (Please note that this dictionary is designed for use by learners of Czech, and not by learners of English.)

The dictionary is aimed at beginners who would like to work at acquiring some (mainly) core vocabulary. This is very much a preliminary testing version only, and it is hoped that there will be future revisions in due course. (It replaces a much smaller dictionary for learners that was previously offered on this site.)

A number of less 'core' vocabulary items are taken from Milan Kundera's short story 'Falešný autostop', as this text is read by my students in the early part of their degree course. Account has also been taken of some everyday vocabulary useful to visitors and other items which would seem self-evidently common in everyday language, even though many such items are often not captured as such by frequency lists (based on the existing Czech language corpora).

Considerable attention has also been paid to aspectual pairs of verbs and their cross-referencing, even though it should be noted that the frequency of occurrence of perfective and imperfective counterparts will often vary considerably.

epub version

mobi version, e.g. for Kindle

pdf version

To use (and, if you wish, adjust and edit) this vocabulary list for searching, flashcard training and for multiple choice tests, unzip the .csv file below and open with a recent installed version of WordQuiz:

You can also import this file with other flashcard software, such as Anki or Mnemosyne.

Users of the dictionary software GoldenDict should download the zip file below and place the dictionary .dsl files in a designated folder where GoldenDict will find them and the two Czech morphology files in a designated morphology folder -- this should enable look-up of different forms of headwords:

Last additions / textual revisions: 3rd October 2013