Zakládací listina kapituly litoměřické.

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Zakládací listina kapituly litoměřické from 1057 contains a Czech inscription from the beginning of the thirteenth century. This is probably the oldest preserved written Czech sentence. The text is given here with a parallel transcription.


Pauel dal geſt ploſcoucih zemu     Pavel dal jest Ploskovicich zeḿu
Wlah dal geſt dolaſ zemu bogu     Vlach dal jest Dolas zeḿu bogu
i ſuiatemu ſcepanu ſe duema     i sv́atému Ščepánu se dvěma
duſnicoma bogucea a ſedlatu     dušníkoma, Bogučeja a Sedlatu.


This extract shows some signs of primitive orthography – there are capital letters along with the usual small letters. These were used to signify the beginning of a sentence (and, subsequently, of a line) and to indicate personal names. However, in both cases this wasn't done consistently – compare Pauel, but bogucea... The consonant v was often written as u, e.g. Pauel, but also as a w, e.g. Wlah. This is evidently related to the ambiguous pronunciation of v in Czech (which was probably bilabial). The consonant j is written with the letter g, e.g. dal geſt, but g also indicates another sound, the original general Slavonic g, which in Czech had turned by the end of the thirteenth century into h (compare bogubogucea etc). A terminal h (ploſcoucihWlah) apparently signified ch. Palatalised letters were only indicated exceptionally – compare zemu (zeḿu), but i ſuiatemu (i sv́atému). Vowel length was not indicated. In the word duema e indicates the short diphthong ie (which we transcribe here as ě in contrast to the long diphthong ie. Simplifying in a similar way, ju in the word bogucea is written as a simple u. [Porák, p. 13.]


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